messed up, ugly, raggedy, torn
Man, his sneakers are too busted.

That girls hair is busted.

see thumped also. (same meaning)
by indi July 29, 2003
Dublin Slang (St.pauls), referring to a task which has been completed in a better than average way, whether sexually related or not.
Connolly sickly busted his leaving cert out of it, didn't he!
by SpotFaithful October 03, 2006
ugly, messed up, gross
yo nigga yo girl is BUSTED!
by Yoyo.0 September 01, 2005
A legendary word meaning caught in the act made popular by a legenday band consisting of three men - these boys broke the mould of the generation to enjoy catchy pop punk tunes making it possible for greenday to enter the top 40 and get their Cd's bought by more poeople than just great big fat sweaty moshers
yo dude busted like totally rock
by busted promise March 29, 2005
the result of underage drinking and driving...later getting busted by the cops...
dayum!!! i just got busted!
by qwertyuio';lkjhgfdsdgmgfdfghjh December 20, 2008
horrendously ugly; violently deformed.
I can't believe he's dating a girl with such a busted face.
by morgan April 23, 2004
1. Caught, by parents, teachers, cops, etc.

2. Devirginized
1. I got busted for fuckin my girlfriend.

2. My girlfriend's busted.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
A Pop-Rock band (with a very Punk look) from England that originally existed from 2000-2005. They released the albums "Busted" in 2002 and "A present for everyone" in 2003. Their most notable hits include "Year 3000" and "What I go to school for" which have since been ruined by the Jonas Brothers unfortunatly. After the band split, all their members went their own way, with Charlie Simpson being the most successful as frontman of the Post-Hardcore group Fightstar.

Since 2009 their have been talks among fans and even band members of a potential reunion, though Simpson has made it clear he has no intention on rejoining the band.
Busted are a pretty cool group, but I prefer Fightstar.
by Gaaraofthedamned June 17, 2011
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