messed up, ugly, raggedy, torn
Man, his sneakers are too busted.

That girls hair is busted.

see thumped also. (same meaning)
by indi July 29, 2003
big tits and ugly face
Damn homie that gurl be busted
by Anthony April 08, 2005
being extremely intoxicated from alcohol beverages
one more drink and i will be busted.
by tizzy April 15, 2003
1. broken

2. arrested

3. caught
Oh shit, the phone is busted.
by Light Joker March 07, 2006
busted, it's two o damn clock in the morning where you been?
baby didn't you get my two-way, i was with my girl friends.
an awesome isley brothers song
by spanky December 18, 2003
a girl who looks like her parents were jabba the hutt and chewbacca
yo man that girl be busted as hell you'd think she'd play a creature on starwars or somethin
by jstra March 16, 2009
1) Unfuckable

2) Very unappealing; or outrageously stupidly lame something like that

3) Can also be used to describe a color highly unsuitable for a certain application
Dude, she was busted.
by KBtn September 05, 2008
A person of the male or female gender who is very hideous and unpleasingly unattractive,these people are to be avoided at all costs,not even worth a one night stand or to be even paid for having sex with them,if someone does they'll find it quite hard to get rid of these people.
guy#1:Look over there at that girl guy#2 god she's really busted. guy#3 Ah,if you got drunk enough you'd hit it. guy#1 I would die of alcohol poisioning before I got drunk enough to hit it. guy#1&3 laugh histerically.
by jackalack June 24, 2007
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