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Larger inner labia that protrudes past the outer labia.
Her pussy looked like a busted ravioli
by Lick Alot October 21, 2004
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this simply means a vagina that has been used a bit to much and is now large and sloppy.
I couldn't feel a thing when I was fucking her busted ravioli.
by Devilsman October 27, 2007
A woman's vagina after she has had a baby, or the vagina of any woman who has had a child.
That bitch thought it was sexy to text me pictures of her busted ravioli.
by Birdie Sinclair May 28, 2010
When a vagina has many lips pertruding out like when your grandma over cooks raviolis and the filling busts out.
I went down on a girl, little did i know she had a busted ravioli, mmmm it was crazy good.
by thecman April 21, 2007
A vagina spilling out blood and semen
karen's busted ravioli really made a mess in tyrone's bed
by man naise August 31, 2004

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