A girl that is good in all aspects. For example, she walks like a model, great kisser, attitude on point, from the hood but she speaks proper, "sex game" is described as amazing, she's not nagging and respects a guy and give him space when necessary, eases a dude's mind. Basically a hood nigga's dream girl.
Plies' single: Shawty (feat. T-Pain), Shawty (Remix; featuring Trey Songz and Pleasure P), and Bust It Baby.

She my bust it baby.
#bust it baby #bussy baby #shawty #bitch #girl #boo #lady #amazing #sex game
by Mechelle February 21, 2008
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A woman with extraordinary carnal abilities. She is adapt at talking dirty without prompting. She is unusually skilled at fellatio, and "throwing it back" when she is given "back shots." Basically, she is the woman you would kill everyone one on the Earth for because her coochie is so good you go partially blind after you hit it the first time. Recording artist "Plies" gives a description in his song "Shawty" featuring T-Pain. Listen to the song and "bust it baby" will become a natural part of the American lexicon.
It defies description. You know a "bust it baby" when you experience her.
#snapper #good pussy #fire pussy #bad chick #damn!
by O-Dubba-U October 03, 2007
A Girl That Falls In ALL Of These Categories:
- her sex game crazy
- body so amazin'
- kiss like she crave'n
- walk like she take it
- atitude mistance
- she got you fen'n for her daily
- you care about her crazy
Dre: Yea, Dats my bust it baby.
#da baddest bitch #good pussy #shawty #givin' up dat neck #boo
by Tia Da Natti All Day May 10, 2008
Bust-it-baby or Busted-baby means a a girl who can make you "bust" or orgasm. A girl who is not only good in bed sexually, but one who is in the mood for sex the majority of the time.
I can always count on good sex from Iesha, she's my Bust-it-baby.

It just takes a look to get my bust-it-baby to come over an fuck me.
#bust-it-baby #busted baby #bust it baby #bustit baby #bust baby
by Noc-U-Owt April 28, 2008
it is a girl that a man would never leave. he's his ride or die,boo and baby. shes like a wifey but 100000000000 times more.she's the wife.
"yea she ma bust it baby. i aint neva lettin her go for no hoe!"
#bust it baby #wifey #love #truth #bonafide
by Taffney May 22, 2008
Some one you cant live without, someone close to your heart, a person u will kill or die for.
I luv her so much she my bustitbaby!!
#bust #it #baby #special person #girlfriend/boyfriend
by Jamal w. May 13, 2008
plain and simple. a bust it baby is a girl who fucks and she look good. bust it means she fuckin and baby means that she look good. and i kno cuz im from fort myers and we are the originators of the term.
"Ay bruh, i heard that lil baby ova there bustin it".
"yea dawg, she a lil bust it baby".
#baby #bust it #bust it baby #fort myers #pakistan
by HOUSE-O-MATIC September 25, 2008
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