Cheap made, broke, junk, trashy.Same would apply for a empoverished and lazy person.
Man your car is bust-ass!
Look at that bust-ass fool!
by Dan H. August 15, 2006
As a noun: a fart; as a verb: to fart, or sometimes to involuntarily emit a spray of fecal matter.
I busted ass can you smell it
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
Slang terminology for the word fart.
1) To bust ass.
2) The act of busting ass.
3) To have busted ass.
1) Fuck, I gotta bust ass.
2) I just busted ass!
by Phill McRacken January 12, 2003
1. To fart

2. A raw ass as a result of engaging in rough anal sex. Not appropriate unless the woman (or man if that is your thing) is tore up so bad that she (or he) can not walk straight for at least 5 days
1. Eew! he just busted ass and it stinks

2. I gave that ho a bust ass, and now she crappn' blood
by the Mad Shatter April 28, 2005
when you slip and fall on your buttocks
you "bust ass"
Man i slipped on you mom's vag-dischage in the bathroon and busted ass.
by the golden queef January 16, 2005
To fracture a donkey or mule.
I wa fiddin to go to town bu my mule wouldnt move so then i was fiddin to bust its ass.
by termanda January 14, 2004
to fuck in a hard and unrelenting manner
did u make love?
nah just busted her ass
by d.dos May 27, 2005
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