to ejaculate; mainly into a woman's hole(mouth, anal, vaginal area, even ear)
Originated from busting semen out of your testicals(nut) which is where your semen is stored. Thats why they call it busting a nut. Busting semen out of your nuts.
I busted a nut in that bitches mouth on friday night, nigga.
by d April 17, 2005
Have an orgasm.
'Cause when I bust my nut, I'm raisin' up off the cot.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
1. to ejaculate (for males)
2. to pull a U-turn
3. to enjoy a bag of corn nuts
1. "During sex with his wife, last night, Larry bust a nut."
2. "To turn around, I'm gonna have to bust a nut."
3. "Enjoy yourself, we won't tell! Bust a nut with corn nuts!"
by jackanapes July 11, 2006
to come, ejaculate, bust, jizz, drop a load, sploge
im reddy to bust a nut ... rollin down the street smokin indo sippin on gin and juice LAY back wit my mind on my money and my money on my mind
by will August 11, 2004
to laugh so hard that you strain a testicle
"every time i see that pic of the squirrel with the huge balls, i bust a nut."
by jody r. gross March 20, 2007
to climax, reach sexual climax.
"don't bust a nut... stupid bitch" (Too Short)
by eysiz March 03, 2005
To cum, sometimes in a chile chute
I busted a nut in Mathew.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
Another contribution from the negro community, "Bust A Nut" is a typical crude euphemism coined due to the low intelligence and lack of education in the ghetto. Typically, when one ejaculates, one empties the testicles (nuts). Why one would want one's nuts "Busted" (crushed, smashed, broken), I can't imagine. It would be more accurate to say "Drain A Nut", but the typical ghetto negro would likely be unable to wrap their tongue around the two "n" sounds so close together, and the end result would be "Dranana" or something equally ghettotastic. Silly negroes. Learn to articulate and stop relying on rappers to furnish your lexicon.
Say, Tyrone. I was fornicating Tonaniquishalika last night, and proceeded to 'bust a nut' on her rather gigantic posterior. Why do us black folk like giant asses so much, anyway?
by 2DaMaxx August 12, 2010

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