v. to participate in a game, esp. cards. Often used in conjunction with spags.
"Yo, where's Marky at?"
"He's bustin' spags with Ken."
by Pecan Pie April 25, 2004
you would say this if someone was just massively dissed to their face
1)*random horrendous insults...fill in for your self*
by just for bethy April 17, 2003
To eat a massive amount of food.
1. Man lets go to the buffet and bust. 2. Lets go bust somewhere.
by That Boy Easy E July 10, 2008
a good insult. Like saying Burn but you don't sound like a shoob
person 1: Dude yur a shoobie(to person 2)
Person 2: oh thats mean
You: BUST!!
by tomdelonge November 16, 2007
to make a mistake, used as an exclamation
mah bust, mah busticle, thats your bust,mah busty buster
by Dr. Robert Ferguson May 31, 2005
to go to a location.
Dude, lets bust over to KFC for some chicken.
by Zach January 28, 2005
To shoot a gun, or to pull the trigger.
Bust on them bitches!
by Anonymous April 07, 2003

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