you would say this if someone was just massively dissed to their face
1)*random horrendous insults...fill in for your self*
by just for bethy April 17, 2003
a good insult. Like saying Burn but you don't sound like a shoob
person 1: Dude yur a shoobie(to person 2)
Person 2: oh thats mean
You: BUST!!
by tomdelonge November 16, 2007
To pull a member of the opposite sex.
Did you bust her?
So hard I've got a blister on my cock!

I haven't busted in months, my balls are aching and I'm on the verge of freak-out. The pages of my jazz-mags are stuck together, there's no use left in them!
by Jackie-F September 19, 2005
to make a mistake, used as an exclamation
mah bust, mah busticle, thats your bust,mah busty buster
by Dr. Robert Ferguson May 31, 2005
to go to a location.
Dude, lets bust over to KFC for some chicken.
by Zach January 28, 2005
To shoot a gun, or to pull the trigger.
Bust on them bitches!
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
To eat a massive amount of food.
1. Man lets go to the buffet and bust. 2. Lets go bust somewhere.
by That Boy Easy E July 10, 2008

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