This can be used to describe hella things.

1. Put something somewhere
2. Come
3. Rap, beatbox
4. Be really cool
5. To catch someone doing something
1. "Imma bust a cap in yo ass"
2. "I'm finna bust a nut"
3. "He's about to bust a flow."
4. "My hair is hella bustin'!"
5. "Ooh, you got busted..."
by Mac Dru May 09, 2006
a magazine with great ideas interviews and up to date reviews. at times overly liberal but overall a decent magazine
i just got my bust magazine in the mail! it has a bunch of gift ideas i can make for cheap
by yvonne March 10, 2005
to remove one's shirt when lifting in the fre weight room
dude, you got chest today? gonna bust?
by Mojo February 15, 2005
1.ugly...need i say more?
holi look at dat hoe shes so BUST!
by mizz-ex-hunnie July 13, 2004
another word for chug
shut the fuck up and bust that beer
by jamienicole June 22, 2004
to spend money on something
"Lets bust money on that bong"
by Shaun May 11, 2003
to knock a punch to cause someone to bleed (usually to nose or mouth)
"i bust ya mouth boy!"
by Biggin hill - Pikey country. April 05, 2003

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