What happens to you in the past tense once you've sold one too many caps to an undercover narc.
George got busted by the cops last week
by Snapdragon August 08, 2003
To smoke half a cigarette then leave the rest for someone else or for later.
Hey dude, can you bust me down?
by dgiles's baby girl February 24, 2008
Not only to 'explode' in a practical sense. Also applicable in a metaphorical sense.
Jenny: Oh my days, I just busted my bill :s
by Jenny Dao December 26, 2007
To wear or display an item of clothing or an accessory.
Present tense.
Past tense: busted.
'I'm busting Armani jeans'
'Why does that neek bust that flat cap'
by B4L ALTO June 27, 2006
a magazine with great ideas interviews and up to date reviews. at times overly liberal but overall a decent magazine
i just got my bust magazine in the mail! it has a bunch of gift ideas i can make for cheap
by yvonne March 10, 2005
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