When something unfortunate happens to you that you caused yourself.
If someone where to sneak up behind you in Halo and bash you in the back of the head, the correct sentence to say would be...YOU GOT BUST!
#fresh #bad #tony homo #you #got #the #business
by Big Moneyy Jayran February 23, 2010
when something is extremely cool .
"Man where'd you get that Cowboy's jersey . . that BUSTS"
#cool #sick #new #hip #tight
by loveebabyy21 January 09, 2010
1) when something goes wrong;

2) when some gets in trouble
-dude, you didn't bring the beer?
-no, man

-will you please step out of the car sir?
-ok officer
(everyone in the car)-BUST!
#bust #shit #fuck #dumbass #bitch
by maryamiscool November 19, 2005
When someone gets in trouble or if something goes wrong.

-Damn, this party is straight edge.
Reply: dude, BUST

-Will jack come down to the office please...
Reply from the entire class: BUST!
#bummer #damnit #gay #shit #fuck
by maryamiscool November 12, 2005
To bust a jack, aka to smoke a cigarette.
Bust is just another word for "hit" as in "lets hit a jack", again meaning smoke a cigarette.

We busted jacks, past tense
We just standing around busting jacks, prestent progressive
A word from the DC/ Moco area. Most other places people wont know what your talking about.

Guy 1: You wana go bust a jack?
Guy 2: ya lets go.

Pothead 1: Lets blaze
Pothead 2: Arnt your parents home right now?
Pothead 3: As long as everyone is busting jacks they wont be able to tell, it should cover up the weed smell.
Pothead 4: Strate...

Idiot 1: Yeah I fuckin just pulled out my newports and busted a jack in the middle of class!
Idiot 2: Whaaat?? thats tight man
Idiot 1: Yeah but now I have to go to Whitman cuz I got expelled from BCC for it
#smoke #hit #busting #busted #extinguished #not smoke
by SmokITup October 11, 2005
Technical term for the chest region (including the front, sides, and back).
"Damn her tits are HUGE! What's her bust measurement? ^.^ "
by Dave March 31, 2004
bust me some nuggets
by Richard Osmond October 18, 2003
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