when a guy cums
God andrew busted all over her~!~
by hehe January 13, 2003
1. A statue of someone's head
2. A woman's breasts
3. To break something
4. To catch someone red-handed; arrest
5. A failure, usually from sports
1. Maria kept a bust of her late grandmother's face in her living room.
2. Check out the bust on that ho over there! I'd love to grope those boobies!
3. Jennifer busted her leg while skiing.
4. Lawrence was busted for a hit and run.
5. Tony failed to live up to the hype when he was drafted, which made him a bust.
by Fifi McFeef January 21, 2015
From the gruellerese dialect: Insistent but informal request for something owned by another.
Hey why don't you bust out some of that chow, I'm hungry!
by Bard April 30, 2003
An immature, promiscuous, and dimwitted female.
Stay away from that girl, she's such a bust.
by Samer33 April 13, 2011
Buckle Up & Stop Texting
You need to sign the BUST pledge
by BuckleUpStopTexing November 22, 2010
to break up weed, to break up kush that is perfectly compact and tight.
Male 1 : yo bro, you down to blaze?
Male 2 : yee man, lets baze
Male 1 : iight man, bust that kush up, and you roll.
by killa illa kusshi November 17, 2010
Something and/or someone thats ugly .

Terrible looking.
"Yo, did you just see that girl? She was fuckin` BUSTTTT!"
by Annie_1000 September 29, 2006

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