to do lines of cocaine
want to go bust a few lines?
by celebrate1111 October 30, 2006
Used; verb, noun

1. To "ejaculate" or spill your juice. Also known as the gooey, slimy substance that pours out of a penis or clit usually from erousion or masterbation.

2. The act of; Ejaculation.

3. To put on. To place something onto a specefied object
Yo bitch, I'm about to fucking bust a nut all over your face.

Yeah baby, please bust that nut in my eye.
by Bust-A-Nut January 09, 2006
tired, exhausted
Jamal: Man I'm bust by the end of the day
Raykwan: Same here bro
by Curly Jew October 13, 2010
When someone says a joke, and no one laughs and everyone just looks at each other and is like " what the f***"
" (none funny joke said to be funny) .... dude, bust
by Frank Osman March 30, 2005
to empty your load (to cum) on a girl's face
i couldnt help it. i just had to bust on her face when she made so hard.
by bigmister154 November 19, 2003
verb. to do or give something. can be used in many many ways.
yo, bust me a smoke.

(1)should i hope the box of cookies?
(2) just bust it

can you bust me that cd?
by Jane_Bond October 26, 2003
when a guy cums
God andrew busted all over her~!~
by hehe January 13, 2003
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