Often exclaimed, the meaning of this word is a mystery it is often used when one is extremely happy or extremely upset. It is used by wiggers and usually used by one named Benjamin Osborne-Durrant
Def 1
ME: Hey Benjamin, your mum has just died
Benjamin: BUST!!!

Def 2
ME: Hey Benjamin, you have just won the lottery
Benjamin: BUST!!!
by X March 17, 2005
Pretty much a woman's boobs. But it can also just be her chest in general.
"Nice bust!" said the man to the woman, who looked at him scornfully and walked away.
by bobie May 10, 2005
The Method of Snorting a fat ass rail of Cocaine
Yo kevin You wanna Bust the last of that eight-ball?
by Also See Hook October 06, 2003
fresh, cool, excel, exceed one's expecations.
yo, how are them nachos? dude, they totally bust!

not sure why i ate all them nachos, they didn't really bust.
by mark dameron July 13, 2005
hypercool; fetch; totally rad; kewel; regular cool; kewl; kool; too kool for skool; supercool; ubercool; whatever.
The Three Bites are totally bust when they're soaked with rainwater.
by Da Croo March 28, 2005

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