Top Definition
To do something or perform a task. Usually it is involved with illegal activities.
"Let's bust a mission and hit that."
by Sk8_Depot November 21, 2007
Bust a mission. the gangster way of saying to go somewhere.
Im going to bust a mission to chipotle!
by RA news July 20, 2009
To take a long journey. How far long is depends on how stoned or lazy you are.
A current plan that seems like even Tom Cruise himself could not pull off.
"Dude, bust a mission and go get the Zags from the other room."

"Dude, lets bust a mission to Rosarito"
by sirwenvega September 28, 2006
To perform an otherwise mundane task.
"Dang, gotta go to the dentist today..."
"Go bust a mission, stud."
by kisa. July 23, 2009
To do a favor for somebody.
"Yo, me and Sebastian gotta bust a mission for John, we gotta pick up his sister at the part".
by Mr. Kraxxx March 07, 2005
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