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To wear or display an item of clothing or an accessory.
Present tense.
Past tense: busted.
'I'm busting Armani jeans'
'Why does that neek bust that flat cap'
by B4L ALTO June 27, 2006
4 7
This can be used to describe hella things.

1. Put something somewhere
2. Come
3. Rap, beatbox
4. Be really cool
5. To catch someone doing something
1. "Imma bust a cap in yo ass"
2. "I'm finna bust a nut"
3. "He's about to bust a flow."
4. "My hair is hella bustin'!"
5. "Ooh, you got busted..."
by Mac Dru May 09, 2006
4 7
a magazine with great ideas interviews and up to date reviews. at times overly liberal but overall a decent magazine
i just got my bust magazine in the mail! it has a bunch of gift ideas i can make for cheap
by yvonne March 10, 2005
4 7
to remove one's shirt when lifting in the fre weight room
dude, you got chest today? gonna bust?
by Mojo February 15, 2005
6 9
1.ugly...need i say more?
holi look at dat hoe shes so BUST!
by mizz-ex-hunnie July 13, 2004
3 6
another word for chug
shut the fuck up and bust that beer
by jamienicole June 22, 2004
5 8
to spend money on something
"Lets bust money on that bong"
by Shaun May 11, 2003
2 5