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beer-pussy; the second gut lump after a fat woman's gut. see also fupa
thats disgusting! her bussy could crush a beercan.
by pittsburgh June 10, 2005
a buddy who's a total pussy, but light on the buddy.
E.G - Everybody's fucking going man. There'll be a huge group of us, and my bussy Kory Baker.
by mastercracker September 06, 2012
The visable bump found on a female mid-section, when the subject is wearing tight fitted pants or jeans pulled high above the waist. A combination of the words belly and pussy.
that gross I can see your bussy
by Castletowers July 06, 2006
The negro word for a school bus driver.
bus driver - bye tameka, have a good day at school
tameka - shut up bussy
by oreobaby August 08, 2009
An adjective for slut-bucket or a bustdown. Basically a girl or guy who gets around.
She sleeps with everybody. She's a fucking bussy!
by Keena and Tracie December 10, 2003