An adjective for slut-bucket or a bustdown. Basically a girl or guy who gets around.
She sleeps with everybody. She's a fucking bussy!
by Keena and Tracie December 10, 2003
Butt pussy; The occurrence of too much anal sex where the butthole is stretched out to form a vagina.
Too much butt sex has caused your ass to turn in to a bussy.
by Akira Jr. April 02, 2003
a buddy who's a total pussy, but light on the buddy.
E.G - Everybody's fucking going man. There'll be a huge group of us, and my bussy Kory Baker.
by mastercracker September 06, 2012
A "buddy" who is not really your buddy, but is also a huge pussy.
We're all fucking going man. Everybody's going to be there, my bussy Kory Baker is going to come too.
by Bogardus September 06, 2012
Anatomical term referring to the close proximity of a larger woman's belly and pussy, also known as vagelly, pussgut, BBVag, etc.
Man, I was so wasted last night I ended up face deep in a giant bussy.
by K1LLFACE September 08, 2010
A fobbish way of saying pussy in somalian
I want to get some bussy
by seanjohnson86 August 03, 2010
A booze pussy. Someone who doesn't drink to expectations
Dude, stop being such a bussy and drink your beer!
by turkeyavocadosandwich February 24, 2010

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