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the term busrider was started by Fabio, and refers to his near death experience riding a "bus" aka rollercoaster, and quickly entering the tunnel as a seagull collided with his hideous grill turning him into a "busrider"
Max: wussup paul, lemme break you off.
Paul: ...
Max: max gonna getchaaa!
Fabio: the boy Paul is a busrider
by Lee-Lo and Snitch July 14, 2006
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Usually a friend (or acquaintance) who is very cheap in almost every way and won't admit it.
Scott is such a bus rider when it comes to group dinners--he only pays for what he ordered, making the whole "let's just divide the bill so we can go to the party" all but impossible.
by standers November 15, 2004
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someone whom acts in a manner that is very displeasing to those around them.
1. "Hey guys, I can't go to that party my girlfriend wants me to watch a movie with her."

2. "Man you're a busrider."

the word can also be said with a Jamaican accent to add extra humor to the punch-line. ex: Bussrida
by cee-lo aka c-murder June 22, 2006
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