1.BUSKET; a bum crackhead that lives in a house that he/she does not own most likely his mothers or a distant cousinMike, Lee,,,,,wayne,herman,hall,,,,, and maintinance busket are living buskets
2.DIRT BUSKET;a dirty bum crackhead that lives in a house that he/she does not own .....ETC..
justin from the movie kickin it old school is a busket but not a dirt busket
by zach was taken so ZACH February 16, 2008
Top Definition
An item taken from you that you want back. Taken from the scene in the movie "Suicide Kings" where Dennis Leary's charachter takes an old homeless man's bucket from him, and so the old man says "That's my busket."
"hey, that's my busket! gimmie it back"
by Char H January 08, 2006
A term derived from the combination of bucket and basket.
Me and my boys were hungry, so we went and got a busket of chicken.
by jab131 March 13, 2006
1. woman that finds herself attractive but is in fact gross
2. a woman that wears tight clothing when she physically can't fit into them
The busket bought a new size 32 waist pants and took forever to fit into
by Charcoal September 09, 2013
Ariel, Alena, & Alankriti.
"Earl, Alen, and AK busketin' round town."
by akarielalena September 03, 2011
A crummy looking person that looks trashy and doesn't have the best personal hygiene. Their teeth are normally messed up, their haircuts are abnormal, their clothing is thrift-store material, they aren't the smartest people in the world, their looks are genetically flawed, and they're people you've most likely unheard of. They're the type of people that you take a look at and say "Wow, why do you exist?" Best compared to a crackhead or dirty redneck. A hobo is a perfect example of a busket.
Sean Jenkins is the biggest busket I know. He wears that damn Dale Earnhardt JR shirt everyday with some skinny blue jeans and is in SLD classes. His face looks like it got hit with a baseball bat, got lit on fire, rubbed with sandpaper for 35 seconds, got shot at a few times, had plastic surgery done to it on numerous occasions, got stepped on by an elephant, stung by 13,463.7 bees, ran over with a lawn mower, then was dunked in some acid.
by HonkeyDonkey614 March 16, 2010
a ho ass nigga dat wanna b in da hood but ain't wannabee
"Hey nigga that busket ass nigga tryina come up in da hood but he in Bel Air.
by Just anotha nigga March 14, 2005
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