a word commonly used by "gangsters".
ghetto:if that kid keeps running his mouth imma have to go handle my bidness.

british:you letting your gun loose like a dog and it aint good for business.

mafia:if you keep giving me that mouth ill make you my business and i not that smart i normally end up putting stuff in the shredder.
by personal dictionary October 15, 2006
This form of business is basically used as a noun. each noun in a sentence is replaced with the word business.
Business Partners, Packing a Business, Sexing Your Business, Drinking Your Business, getting Your business done.

"Your My New Business"
"Packing a Business"
"Tribute Business"
"Hammer Businss"
"Mail Business"
"Metro Business"
"Sloppy Business"
"Q Business"
"Business & What Not"
A bad beating or ass whooping.
If that kid keeps talkin bout me ima give him tha business

by SpYdA [GFM] June 24, 2004

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