1. to get things done
2. a place of business
1. you need to take care of business or your fish is gonna die
2. i work in the family business
Selling drugs. Lifestyle of a hustler.
"I'm in this business of terror, got a handful of stacks better grab an umbrella"
-Lil' Wayne
by zachnnn March 20, 2007
The art of fucking people the most while having them realize they are being fucked the least.
Man, you just got businessed by that guy.
by Reveiller June 24, 2010
a man's package. used on an episode of chowder when chowder and shnitzel pretends to be babies. the warden goes to change shnitzel and chowder yells to shnitzel "don't let her see your 'business'!
John was pants today and everyone saw his business.
by theamazingcripple4 June 24, 2009
Adj. - meaning great, guaranteed, staple.
I used to think the Patriots were business in the playoffs until they got raped by the Giants.

by Christof Requorad April 29, 2008
Usually something you do which involves your counterpart being embarassed and/or left in the dust.
John : Dawg did you see me give the receiver the business on friday night?

Bob : Hell yea man his leg was all KINDS'A sideways!
by Woodford August 10, 2007
a word commonly used by "gangsters".
ghetto:if that kid keeps running his mouth imma have to go handle my bidness.

british:you letting your gun loose like a dog and it aint good for business.

mafia:if you keep giving me that mouth ill make you my business and i not that smart i normally end up putting stuff in the shredder.
by personal dictionary October 15, 2006
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