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code for the exchange of illegal substances. this may include alcohol, illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, or any other substances that will get you a cell in jail should you get busted.

there are 3 types of business transactions:

-money for a substance
-substance for substance
-or sexual favor for substance

meant to be used in public to discuss dealings without giving away compromising details
pablo: yo john, you wanna make a business transaction after class?

john: sure man, i just got some good merchandise for you

teacher: i didnt know you boys were interested in entrepreneurship!
by alcaChiCitycapone October 03, 2010
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Money or services exchanged for services or product.
"How'd the business transaction go last night?"
"Good, I gave her 20 bones and she did a little slob on my knob"
by cpt_beef September 20, 2011
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