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Waking up naked with a boner...Ready for business. (Stems from Birthday Suit)
Woke up Sunday morning with my Business suit. Brooke was looking so hot, I was ready to go.
by ynbk June 16, 2009
6 9
also defined as a rubber, or jimi-hat, raincoat, and many other aliases, the business suit is the contraceptive device put on by one party who is ready to give business to the other party. More than likely, a latex condom.
I was so ready to give her the business, but I had to put on my business suit first.

What business does she have in that skirt? I better go get a business suit, she's about to get some business...
by jtnasty August 03, 2009
14 4
The state of being naked. South Pasadena variant of "birthday suit"
"Hey Kim, Let me see your Business Suit!" / "What do you think I am?? Cheap??
by abcde12345abcde12345 July 12, 2011
3 4