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Similar to business casual, business slutty is an adaptation of standard business attire. Business slutty often incorporates things like high-cut skirts, stiletto heels, open or otherwise see-through white blouses.
"Kendra, the guaranteed way to ace this interview is to dress business slutty."
by Lucky Charms99 March 05, 2014
It is a certain type of dress code in modern offices. People who adhere to such a dress code usually dress in business wear but it is either revealing, tight or otherwise borderline inappropriate. Note that this is not limited to women; men who decide to put on super-tight button-down shirts and pants can also be listed in this category.
"Mary is totally dressed business slutty; look at her hemline", said Mark who is wearing a super tight shirt that has buttons which seem to be a wrong move away from flying off.
by Plowenstein February 23, 2014
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