gay rabbi, adopted tomba the gay robot when he was just a wee bolt
U had sex with bushka the gay rabbi
by joe March 24, 2005
Top Definition
basically, booshka means a anything. It can be used as a synonym for 'cute little baby', and can also replace pretty much any word.
George: That little chickens really cute!
by Lalalalala March 16, 2005
Short for Babushka - a traditional head scarf worn by women in Cyrillic counties. Also, though uncommon, a term of endearment.
Hi bushka, what are your plans for the weekend.
by Crazyfindian January 19, 2015
Boo-sh'ck-a. Cree for "Enraged ugly man"
An eneraged beast formed from a native tribe often found in the depths of ganandorf. The natives would taunt the gods with the mentaly retarded villager, via the name "Bushka".
B-dup: Holy man your so gay.
John 117: Dont make fun of my imaganiry girlfriend Cory... Grrrr... (beats b-dup with a plastic stick).
B-dup: Holy shit the man is becoming a "Bushka".
by Ghettonomus January 29, 2008
A derrogitory term used by Indian noobs to describe deep hatred towards American gamers/female players of COD. Often used in an angry outburst, Bushka stems from the term "Bush" also meaning incompetant moron. See also: George W. Bush.
Andy: Indian noobizzle, don't be hatinizzle on me or my girlizzle Shayizzle. And back off with that RPGizzle. Noobizzle.
by Shayizzle April 16, 2008
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