1) when you get so exhausted after oral sex your head falls into their bush (pubic hair)
Dave "how was your night Damien? "

Damien "Was alright, got oral sex off jem but she was a busher"
by TLad September 16, 2013
Top Definition
A busher is a term used in the 60's for a slacker. a person male or female that didn't carry their load such as a worker at McDonalds. generally a person that had to get a job or Dad would throw them out.
Would some one wake up that busher before he falls and breaks a leg. Fire that busher before the boss gets back. I get paid what, and that busher gets how much?
by Utah 8 inch Donkey Dicker January 10, 2010
Failure to realize that your intercourse partner is not of the different sex
You busher,no wonder that stripper was so cheap
by kumphled June 28, 2015
A female, not male, who does not shave and/or wax her pubic hair.
"Dude, I was in such a horney mood untill I felt further down her pants and felt her bush. Nasty Busher!!"
by SexxiShortie69 March 22, 2005
A friend/close friend that distributes high grade Marijuana.
Bushy = Friend
Busher = Bushy+Pusher
“Nah, Blad Luke Perry is my Busher”
“Busher, what's a Busher?”
“I’ve explained this before you WASTEman. A Busher is a betherin that sells the ‘igh grade”

“Coolio Fam”
by TommyMontana101 November 30, 2009
Liberals who blame everything on George Bush.
Did you hear that Libtard Busher just now? He was explaining on MSNBC how the earthquake in Haiti was Bush's fault! lol
by VFBlogger January 26, 2010
A person who likes the U.S president George W. Bush and claims he is the best president ever; usually is Texan.
"Dude, Mike is such a busher when it comes to politics.
by MoonPhase January 13, 2008
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