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a person ornamentally sitting atop an organization whom has no qualifications to do so
'last two FEMA chiefs were placed by GWB.'
'yeah? what background they have in emergency management?'
'huh? they from oil and bizness.'
'yeah... well those bush-berry 's
don't know how to clean their
OWN dingleberries...let alone
ours...when the shit hits the fan.'
by eurekaignem September 13, 2005
any type of genital parasite and or some type of communicable disease received from having sex with a girl who has a dirty cooch.
bush berry: "dude that girl is so hot you need to hit that shit!"
"hell no i heard she got bush berries"

"hey i just found out that i have bush berries so you might want to get checked out"
"DAMNIT you gave me the bush berries!"
by steve da pirate April 05, 2009
some men have difficulty finding the bush berry
by ELECTRAZE July 01, 2013