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woman found back in the "home/mother land" who is unaware of much of modern society; especially relating to divorce and taking "haf-yo-shit."
I'm sick of all these gold diggers and hoes, Ima go home and find me a bush wife.
by etuhu August 13, 2011
In Africa, a man who has been raped by another man, usually while his village is being attacked by warlords, governments, militias, terrorists or other rapey kinds of people.

A bushwife; literally, one who was made into someone's wife down in the bushes.
"'Ey there Mbwuje, how many women you rape today when we burned that impoverished village"?
"Man all the women were too old, but I did get a bushwife!"
"Dude, rock on!"
by machizzine October 23, 2009

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