An alcoholic beverage containing Coco Lopez, Kahlua, Bacardi Select, Bacardi 151, whole milk, moonshine, chocolate vodka, and water
I just had a four way bushwhacker with my three best friends and it tasted DAMN good
by wootnymph May 18, 2013
Any man or woman who appreciates hairy vaginas far too much.
My friend is a bushwhacker and he only fucks women when he can't see their vagina through the bush.
by largeandnotincharge July 26, 2011
During sex, a man takes a break and rubs his penis vigorously against the woman's un-shaved pubic hairs, causing him to have a burn on his dick.
Damn, I was about to cum but i took a break and had a Bush Whacker. Now my dick hurts like HELL!
by nastynaay January 05, 2012
A lesbian. Referenced in the movie "French Twist."
Have you ever known a girls phys ed teacher who isn't a bushwhacker?
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
A penis or, a gardening tool (a very painful gardening tool).
girl: wow your bushwhacker is huge!
man: really i never noticed


A bushwhacker is that how you chopped off your dick?
by bobie ate my pie! February 20, 2010
one who makes insults to George W. Bush
he's such a bushwhacker, he keeps telling people how much of an idiot bush is
by bushwhacker September 09, 2004
Killer of bushes. especially George Bush.
Jimmy was imprissoned for attempting to be a bush wacker on the president
by hjhjh November 17, 2003

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