A short stocky Australian bull dyke, usually characterised by a gruff voice and mullet.
Shall I chat up that chick at the bar?

Are you kidding that's a Bushpig!
by doesshe June 20, 2007
Bushpig is a horrorcore rapper from Australia.Hes also known as Passenger Of Shit.He goes by Mc Bushpig but,on Suicidal Rap Orgy's debut album he goes by Bushpig.He runs two labels "Shitwank & Butchers Harem.
MC Bushpig~~Butchers Harem
HorrorCore Snuff Porn and Gore death Rap Fetish Pervert Scat Butchers
by ni666ga August 23, 2009
Any female who is sought for a one night sexual encounter free of charge. Usually a slut, whore, etc.
In a hormonal rage, Jonny said to his friends, "Let's go find some bushpigs!"
by The Bush King August 25, 2005
1. An ugly person.
2. A ferral pig.
1. Yeah, he's a bit of a bush pig.
2. ditto.
by louis October 23, 2001
A Male human who loves women with copious amounts of pubic hair
My Friend Steve Loves his girlfriends bush-he's such a bushpig
by Billy Frazier August 28, 2008
A guy who loves to eat pussy.
I am a bush pig.
by THE Bushpig May 02, 2010
Australian word, used to describe a bloke or sheila that; dress's in RM williams, drinks rum and lives in a rural part of Australia.
Can be offensive.
john'o: mate, do you see the sheila over there, drinking rum, in RM boots?
rob: yeah, not bad at all.
john'o: yeah, she's a nice looking bush pig.
by jessie-mae September 01, 2006

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