theres really only one saying that fits what kind of disgrace this man has done to america...

bombing for peace, is like fucking for virginity
that guy is a total fraud, he is doing one thing in search for a totally different... hey, wait... THATS BUSH

by fizz December 30, 2004
1. The president, and a very moonstruck one at that.
2. A disgrace to bushes and all alike.
3. The biggest mistake.
1. Justin: Damn, Bush made me feel smart.
2. More trees, less Bush.
3. Damn I might have flunked that test, but did you see Bush on T.V. yesterday?
by Myst November 15, 2004
1. The biggest douche bag to ever run America
2. One who wins an election unfairly
3. Somone who laughs at the stupidest shit
4. The worst world leader in history
5. One who has trouble with pronouncing simple words (such as nuclear)
6. Pubic hair
Red in the head fire in the bush!!
by stewie addict May 02, 2006
1. A fat plant usually on people's lawns that's hard to get to the center since it's dense.

2. A miserable failure
1. I better go water the bush or it'll die.

2. Search miserable failure on and then press I'm feeling lucky
by Zenith Xan December 20, 2004
The Texan biggest shame
What?! You can't control your teen daughter??... It's a Bush...
by John November 20, 2003
1.Current President of the United States who cheated his way into presidency.
2.Redneck son of a bitch.
3.Someone who can't speak English properly.
4.Total Failure
5.Person who drove the American nation to the pits of Hell.
6.The reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.
7.The AntiChrist.
Fuck that Rascist Nazi.
Bush/Cheney, four more years of HELL.
Illiterate Fuck.
by FuckBushDick March 23, 2006
the word "bullshit" said really fast.
Homework? That's BUSH!
by Crafty Profanity April 21, 2005

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