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a mis-spelling for Busch, a beer company that also owns a nice amusement park in Florida. Busch also makes Bacardi Silver which rox!
dude1: Bush makes the coolest drinx!

dude2: Not "bush", "Busch" stupid!

dude1: Well, you can't say BAcardis don't kick.

dude2: Oh no, man! Theyy've got back!
by Prix Make Prix July 28, 2004
9 20
Feared and hated enemy of "John Kerry"
Run Mr Kerry, the bush is gathering votes!!!
by Why would you care, stalker? March 20, 2004
57 68
A member of the Skull and Bones codenamed "temporary". W
In the Sopranos Uncle Jr was a Bush.
by Agent Slacker August 23, 2003
26 37
bush uses his strategery
by Zimbo May 25, 2003
45 57
an asshole named after the hairs covering the cunt.
AKA george W bush
Bush besh what the hell is this example thingie (i'm not canadian. but i still don't get it)
by Phr33k March 06, 2004
37 52
it is that big black fur ball that your mom has in between her legs
dude i had to trim your moms bush with a chainsaw, because i gagged the first time i went down to eat her out
by dick lover December 09, 2005
17 35
The person who took all of your welfare checks from your broke asses
Damn now that Bush is in Office I cant continue to sit on my lazy ass collecting welfare. You bunch of sorry fucks
by Dirty Sanchez July 03, 2003
67 85