beyond human understanding,
sumthing that cannot be understood in one lifetime.
neff's bush is so cool!
by bushfan101 October 24, 2008
Australian resturant specialising in natural dishes mainly consisting of bodily excretions and Australian flora
"To celebrate we're all going to Bush!"
by Gerry Healy October 20, 2008
A bush like the one that moses may have allucinated on DMT is a little dense tree, a Bush is an american government who kills the world.
Tap bush on google image for a tree or g.w.bush or bushit for a Bush.
by Free_thinkers_are_dangerous October 02, 2008
The area in-between the legs of Middle-eastern/Indian women.
Why are indians afraid to fuck their wives?
Because when they open their legs they see Bush.
by Kosiii February 13, 2008
Virgin term for 'Bullshit"
Person 1: "Hey, dude. That chick you used to date called me last night."

Person 2: "What!? That's complete bush, dude."
by Kyojiro December 01, 2007
A pussy (by which I mean George Bush Jr.)
man I thought Bush was just an asshole, but he didn't even go to Vietnam when ordered, what a pussy!
by MJAGM September 19, 2005
George W. Bush; R; president of the United States 2000-2008.
Best remembered for the Iraq conflict. This controversial conflict has been devoured by leftist media, conspiracy theorists and ignorant college students nation wide. shortly after entering office, Bush was presented with a large-scale terrorist attack in which 2,800 American civilians were killed. Many critics of Bush have forgotten about this event. In the following months Bush declared a world-wide war on terror, in all forms. This led to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. When many allies of the U.S. backed down or tried to downplay the threat of terrorism and the events of September 11, 2001, president Bush went forward with his plans alone and has continued the lonely front against terrorism. Many argue that Bush invaded the East for oil though oil prices are higher than they have been in history. Others claim that Bush is an idiot bearing no rational thought, despite that he is a Yale graduate and has been elected president of the United States of America twice consecutively.
Bush certainly does not let others walk over him, or his country.
by StoneA7X April 14, 2008
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