Fucking retard in charge of our country that makes horrible decisions and was re-elected in 2004; (meaning we're really fucked the next 4 years).
The last four years.
by Tray Hayes November 21, 2004
1. Pubic hair

2. Current president of the U.S., who is as useful as pubic hair.
1. Holy shit! Not another crab infestation of my bush!

2. President Bush is Halliburton's ass muppet.
by Conrad July 27, 2004
The closest to fascism the United States has ever come.
Bush and Hitler both embraced religion before suppressing the press and clamping down on personal freedoms. Bush is such a fascist.
by Alex L. Phillips May 03, 2007
A walking sack of human garbage. Not worth a bitch slap. A fuckwit that a bunch of brainwashed sheep voted for (You know, the sheep who can't do anything but regurgitate talking points from right wing AM looney talk radio or the rest of the right wing, profit driven, pro-war info-tainment media).
My name is George Dumbya Bush. I like it when Jeff Gannon fists my blownout cornhole, over and over again. I am a Liar, a coward and an overall sack of refuse (Like the rest of the right wing basket cases). I will suck anything for a price. I am a cheap whore for the nutty right wing Christian fucks and greedy corporate shitbags. Please brutally fist my prolapsed rectum!!!
by Bill B. June 06, 2006
1. Slang for vagina
2. Worst president ever. Of all time. Any country. Bar none.
3. Both Bushes, not just George W.
4. Idiot.
5. Almost assasinatd by a pretzel. A pretzel.
6. Proof of the existence of Satan.
7. Douchebag.
8. One who rigged the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.
9. Did I mention idiot? Even if I did: idiot.
10. One who says Nucular.
11. Why everyone hates America.
12. Disgrace to said country.
13. Disgrace to human race.
14. One who will probably start WWIII
15. Most made fun of president EVER.
Bush is...something else.
by Adrian May 28, 2006
One of the greatest bands to exist.
STFU iam listin to Bush
by CSM-Sechs November 07, 2005
Another name for the Pubic hairs in a girls crotch
Dude, her bush is HUGE! do you see it sticking out of her bikini? gross.
by Jerrad T September 11, 2005

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