1. is a creationist
2. believes in the rapture
3. believes God wanted him to be president
4. is a steadfast determined leader, who is wrong on just about everything.
5. fetal alcohol syndrome would explain a lot of things, but Barbera doesn't seem like a drinker.
"All of us here in America should believe, and I think we do, that we should be, as I mentioned, a nation of owners. Owning something is freedom, as far as I'm concerned. It's part of a free society... It's a part of -- it's of being a -- it's a part of -- an important part of America."
by bomb biscuit June 11, 2004
1. A disgrace to America
2. Imperialistic bastard
3. Dyslexic redneck
4. The Hitler of America.
America is a disgrace to the world because of Bush.
by Meno February 27, 2005
Male and/or female pubic genital hair
Do you trim or shave your bush?
by Anthony November 19, 2004
1. A president with shit for brains and some psychotic plan for leading a legacy on a "war on terror" in Iraq. Most thought as a reaction toward 9/11, eventhough, that whole gang were Saudi Arabians.
2. Puppet behind some warmongering fools who want oil and a good fort in the M.E.
3. Pubic Hair
4. Tapping phones

I heard the president pulled some more heinous shit.

Yeah, Bush needs to chill out man.

Yeah, fuck Bush, let's smoke this Kush.
by dannnk d October 08, 2006
George W. Bush, the worst president of the USA in the history.

He served as the 43rd president from 2000 till 2008.
His first election in 2000 was controversial.
During his presidency period, the world trade center, twin towers, was attacked and destroyed by terrorism on September 11 2001.
The whole world united with USA against terrorism.
With majority of world supports, USA attacked Afghanistan, a country supported terrorists.

However, Bush, by his own purposes, diversified anti-terrorism to attack Iraq, a country rich with oil but under anti-American and Israel tyranny Hussein, by using several false statements and evidences. Regime of Hussein was terminated soon but the Bush’s Iraqi invasion lead long lasting civil war.

Because of Bush’s Iraqi war, the worldwide supports to the USA turned into worldwide anti-Bush Americanisms.
Bush and his administration were keen with importance of oil as many were involved in oil industry. One major purpose of Bush’s Iraqi invasion was to gain stable oil supply from Iraq but chaos in Iraq interrupted immediate benefits from Iraqi oil.
Before Bush’s Iraqi war, OPEC controlled oil price by controlling oil productions, but during Bush presidency period oil prices became controlled by oil industries. Sharply raised oil prices during Bush period lead inflation in America that caused most American people’s salary devaluation. Only one single appealing policy Bush had was a tax return. However, returned taxes to American people might be absorbed by oil.
Because of Bush’s Iraqi war USA got enormous amounts of debts to China and other countries. American is more or less like keeping life style by borrowing huge amount of money while almost bankrupting

The USA was respected by the world before Bush. Because of Bush, USA lost international respects as a leader of the world not only Bush made huge debts to other countries.
The 43rd President Bush harmed this great nation so badly that imposed great deal of tasks to following presidents to recover from damages caused by Bush.
Bush, what harms you made to this great nation!
by ramunenakayama@hotmail.com January 07, 2008
The real definitions:

1.A low shrub with many branches.
2.A thick growth of shrubs; a thicket.
a.Land covered with dense vegetation or undergrowth.
b.Land remote from settlement: the Australian bush.
a.A shaggy mass, as of hair.
b.Vulgar Slang. A growth of pubic hair.
5.A fox's tail.
a.Archaic. A clump of ivy hung outside a tavern to indicate the availability of wine inside.
b.Obsolete. A tavern.
The fox ran into the bush.
by eSouth March 19, 2005
One whom spends American tax dollars on creating bombs for unnecessary wars, killing millions of innocent people...
Bush doesn't even recognize that he should fun for starving children and families instead of killing and war... Peace! m^^< (o.o)
by Fully Automatics August 09, 2003
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