1. One who has his/her head stuck in his ass,permanently
2. One who justifies massive deaths in the name of supposed "freedom"
3. One who needs to be assasinated
1. Oh crap, it's a bush!
2. Bush is a weapon of mass destruction, and should be destroyed
3. I hate you, Bush
by Angry February 07, 2005
A weapon of mass destruction
Whether he will be remembered as a good president or a liar, Bush is a WMD.
by Sam April 09, 2005
That idiot who ran the U.S. from 2001-2004. The dude that almost choked on a pretzel. The fool that rules our country. Goddamn him to the lowest pits of Hell, in a hand basket, and beyond.
Burn thy shrubery and reject thy name, for you are no longer the president.
by Random Guy September 05, 2004
Full Name: George W. Bush
A sorry excuse for a president, possibly one of the worst we have ever had. His administration is full of Republicans(conservatives) who hate foriegners, other religions, homosexuals, blacks, the environment, heck the only thing they like is MONEY AND POWER!!! Bush's years in office will be known as "THE LYING YEARS". It is up to us to get his ass outta office in November 2004!!!Read Al Franken's book LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM and you will be enlightened on Bush and other conservative bastards.
"Compassionate conservatism is an oxymoron, George Bush is just a moron"
by Liberallady86 March 01, 2004
The dumpest president in the US history.Who is closely related to a species known as chimp and eats bananas.Hence if you own a chimp as a pet you can name it G.Bush.
Bush dont pick your nose.
by Alex. February 15, 2005
A red-neck ultra religious neo-fascist right wing nut.
George W. Bush is a Nazi.

George W. Bush cannot speak freak'n English.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba February 01, 2005
Angel to China, his friend oil companies and kings.
Son of Devil sent to earth to damage the USA and the whole world.
Why Bush is not prosecuted for his criminal acts?
by ramunen May 27, 2008
Impeachment is necessary.
What are we waiting for?
Bush=Impeachment is necessary.
by Elektra May 05, 2006

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