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A pack into which vaginal fluids are flushed. Similar to a douchebag except it is used on a hairy muff.
Joel: I ran into those anime guys in the VIP room the other day. They are such idiots. I can't stand them.

Jono: Don't worry man. They're just bushpacks.

Andy: I hear Lia has a shaven maven.

Chris: Well she's certainly not a bushpacker then.
by vacillate89 September 15, 2009

Vagina fart(s) contained in a bag, and given to someone to inhale.
yo, fuck--Bill hand over that bush pack for me to sniff-yo. You had your goddamn hit, guy.

doctor: When did you become a bush pack addict?
patient X: It started with Lydia, my first girlfriend.
by B. Dang January 15, 2010

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