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A special kind of booed up guy who is up under his girlfriend at such a ridiculous clip, he may as well be married to her, live with her and the whole shot. Oftentimes even she feels like he could take a day or two off and hang with the fellas or something.
Female: My boyfriend is coming over tonight.
Her girls: You mean your busband? Does he even have his own life the way he handcuffs himself to you?

Jerry: What up, Jay, game's on tonight, come through, got some Newcastle in the kegerator.
Jay: I'm good, 'bout to go see my girl.
Jerry: Goddamn, fam, you ain't her boyfriend, you're her busband, because I don't see what stops you from putting a ring on the b*tch with no prenup.
by Kuahmel November 30, 2009