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noun: a large capacity human hauler reserved for poor people, mentally disabled people, people who smell, people who talk only to themselves, and people who scored a DUI and lost they car.
Balls, i got a DUI and now i have to ride the bus with darwin's failed experiments.
by RedB November 26, 2005
22 24
What people in Lawrence Woodmere Academy substitute for the term "gay". In essence, and sort of "code name" for Gay, created to avoid teachers and people of authority.
Yo G, Craig is sooo bus.
Craig is such a bus driver!!
by KoolKrispy March 02, 2005
11 14
crazy slang for "bust"
foo, i'll bus you up!
by evil captain bob August 04, 2003
8 11
The United Airlines nickname for the Airbus A320.
I flew the bus from San Diego to Philadelphia last night.
by Eric Harmatz May 22, 2006
11 15
To physically harm someone, or to do something.
1. Move for me
2. No i was hear first
1. Move for me or I bus' up your face
2. Please dont hurt me

3. That bitch is lookin hot
4. What the buttaz bitch with a tash?
3. Fuck you, I'm gonna go bus' a move on the dancefloor
by Hustla-B March 24, 2005
6 10
Ambulances are often referred to as buses or wagons.
its a noun
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
5 11
1)a male that everyone can get a ride on (male version of a knob "every1 has a turn")
2)a form of public transportation
1) that boy a bus
2)i have to take the bus to school
by Latasha June 30, 2003
4 10