A slang term used to describe a woman or girl who is rotund, fat, large, and who gets around alot. 'Public transportation' for everyone. 'A big lady who get ridden for a cheap price'
"Your mom is a bus"
"Everyone rides her for one buck"
by V69er/GMoney69er October 26, 2006
Ugly, Nasty, Freaky, Discusting,
"Yo Guy Dat Chick Is Busssssssssssssss!"
by Brad June 18, 2003
the one thing i look forward to taking on my way to school in the morning
i meet loadsa people to laugh at, we piss off the driver, depending on who it is and peel the no smoking signs off the window
cheap way of getting around without contributing to green house gas emissions
new fuel cell buses r kl
god im such a geek lol not really:D
the driver of the 84 hu supports chelsea is a right tit but funny all the same and he gives us summin 2 laugh bout
bless my bus crew
by tara05 December 03, 2005
An extra extra long fucking mini van
T "oh so you just gonna go on a party bus and not invite anyone"
G "lol, it's a extra extra long mini van"
by fuckyougreg December 07, 2014

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