A slang term used to describe a woman or girl who is rotund, fat, large, and who gets around alot. 'Public transportation' for everyone. 'A big lady who get ridden for a cheap price'
"Your mom is a bus"
"Everyone rides her for one buck"
by V69er/GMoney69er October 26, 2006
1: A large vehicle for public tranportation-- capable of sitting 50-150 persons.

<i> Get on the short bus</i>
short bus1: US, 1980s-- a bus fitted with handicapped ramps, elvators, and special seats.
short bus 2: A place for retarded persons, those mentally challenged. A ride for social rejects. "Get on the short bus, you idiot."

1: The clear a table. To bus a table.
busserbusboy: The server's assistant is a busser.
The busboy liked to play with the spent bones of the rich people. He could cuddle the rib bones, fondle the chicken cages and pretend that he knew his customers by the attention they gave to their food.
by Nco November 23, 2003
The primary form of transportation for people who wear Nikes.
Guy in car: "Hey, nice shoes!"
Guy at bus stop: "Thanks, they're Nikes!"
by Timstuff May 21, 2009
to give - Pikey speak, originating South London UK.
Bus me a pound, star
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
Hawaiian term for messed up, drunk, broke down.
Kawakia: "Eh brah you all bus already?!?!?" ("Hey dude, are you drunk already?")
Kaulana: "Ho, I already have like 4 shots an 2 beers." ("Man I've already had like 4 shots and 2 beers.")

Kaipo: "My auntie make me ride da bus home brah." ("my aunts making me ride the bus home.")
Palaina:"Haha, brah the bus all bus, good luck." ("haha, dude the bus is all messed up, good luck with that.")
by Kawika87 October 30, 2008
A person who cockblocks you out of jealousy. This term is derived from the difficulty experienced when trying to text your girlfriend from the back of a bus. The back of the bus is well known for being very bumpy, therefore screwing up anything you are trying to write.
Guy: I lpbe ypu <2
Girl: What?
Guy: Sorry, I'm on a bus.
Girl: Awww :(

Patrick: Did you see what Bob did last night? Sandy and I were about to make out and then he totally cock blocked me!
Larry: Why would he do that?
Patrick: He's probably jealous or something.
Larry: What a bus!
by Errrock December 20, 2011
(adj) a concept that is garbled, disorganized and pretentious, usually used to describe a literary work that you would like to throw against the wall out of sheer frustration
Damn, Michael Pollan's metaphors make me want to punch a baby seal. "Omnivore's Dilemma" is some bus shit.
by Sopralto March 07, 2011
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