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Person of individual or eccentric demeanour found freqenting every major (and often minor) bus park or station throughout the globe. Living in their own special world, said Bus Station Loony will happily occupy each daylight hour shuffling throughout every corner of their domain. They love to be among people, but are inept at standard social intercourse, therefore will mumble to themselves, sing, hold conversations with inanimate objects and generally put the willies up any average commuter.
Also any member of the long-running British punk band, The Bus station Loonies. The similarities are several thousandfold.
Whilst waiting for the number 84 to Tavistock, I had to occupy my time by trying to avoid the Bus Station Loony at Bretonside Station. The poor soul reeked of urine and kept insisting I came to their gig that night.
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
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