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When a chunk of food falls off of your burrito and explodes on the table/counter into several scattered pieces. Makes the act of eating a burrito to be a bit messy at times, and a bit dissatisfying as some burrito bombs land on the floor, making them less appetizing to recover.
I love eating burritos, but these damn burrito bombs are making a mess.
by MassWorder May 01, 2010

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the throwing of a burrito(tacos,fajitas also acceptable) at a hooker. ( it is crucial to have taken at least one bite from the projectile to ensure maximum splatter upon impact. also so that you did not completely waste $.89 )
last night Dave and I went to Taco Bell, and on the drive home, Dave rolled down his window and burrito-bombed the shit out of this hooker!
by IrSotallyTober January 13, 2010