One of those fruit pie that you get that have so much bad stuff in there but are so good. Often wraped in a frosting glazed pie shell.
I love apple burritos
by hehe vb June 19, 2005
1)The act of anal intercourse with a burrito. It is done by sticking an erect penis into a Burrito of your choice and sticking it into your partners anus. After climax has been reached, your partner will crap out the burrito and either you, your partner, or the two of you can enjoy the feast!
2) Any act of placing food into the anus and crapping it out after climax and eatting it.
I Burritoed Aaron last night
I will be burritoing him tomorrow
Can I burrito you?
by Samuel Edson December 01, 2005
an uncircumcized penis
i pulled down my pants and pissed out of my burrito
by acetic August 17, 2003
A sexual act, for the female's pleasure/humiliation. The full act is to fuck her in the ass, the cunt, and the mouth, in that order. The last part is the tasty burrito. See also lasagna.
Last time I banged my ex, I was way pissed at her, so I gave her a burrito.
by StrangePlanet December 23, 2003
something that makes you fart
by lauren and lex March 30, 2003
1. A person of a straight sexual orientation.
Josh claims to be burritos, but he is definately tacos.
by Cathy November 10, 2004
someone who starts acting like a lame ass after a few beers. aka my brother
evreything was cool until rich started hitting the tequila and acting like a burrito
by fishegg July 12, 2004

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