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large group of hispanics hanging out in a big crowd.
John: Yo look at all those spanish people over there!
Steve: Thats one big burrito dude.
by bootycrease212 February 11, 2010
7 15
A quickly assembled gang of knife weilding Beaners.
If you mess with one bean, you'll get the whole burrito.
by Adrian123 June 06, 2007
14 22
A male penis.
I stuck my burrito in her taco.
by isaac May 07, 2003
33 41
a crazy mingin vagina (one that reeks)
man i put my finger in that puss for 5 seconds and i was a mingin burrito
by jakeup January 06, 2009
3 15
a known sex term that selected few know and is used as a renown secret to keep others confused or unknowing.
to burrito or I burritoed her
by Albany Ca anonymous December 01, 2009
2 17
One of those fruit pie that you get that have so much bad stuff in there but are so good. Often wraped in a frosting glazed pie shell.
I love apple burritos
by hehe vb June 19, 2005
23 38
1)The act of anal intercourse with a burrito. It is done by sticking an erect penis into a Burrito of your choice and sticking it into your partners anus. After climax has been reached, your partner will crap out the burrito and either you, your partner, or the two of you can enjoy the feast!
2) Any act of placing food into the anus and crapping it out after climax and eatting it.
I Burritoed Aaron last night
I will be burritoing him tomorrow
Can I burrito you?
by Samuel Edson December 01, 2005
6 24