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a messed up situation
That girl cheated on you? Thats burnt up!
by mkombat December 17, 2005
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- a description of an extremely unattractive person, place or thing.
Monica: "Girl, I finally met the guy from the chat line in person!"

Kia: "What did he look like?"

Monica: "His grill (mouth/teeth), his clothes, his breath and the club we went to...was burnt up!

Kia: "OMG! Did you ditch him?"

Monica: "Of course! Right after he spent tons of money on me"

Kia: " Good looking out."
by MzLadyDark November 14, 2009
*Something that is crazy or really wierd
1. "That is burnt up"

2. "I just drank my own piss"

"That is burnt up man"
by ManlikeCerys March 07, 2015
Meaning your out of luck, or unfortunate.
"Can I Get A Ride Home?"
"Got Some Gas Money?"
"Aw Shit, You Burnt Up Then."
by Nayners00 March 21, 2012
001.. Mufucka's ulgy ass hell.
002.. Not so good lookin.
Uuuuh! look at dat bitch, she burnt up!
by Shanna Baybee January 28, 2009

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