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1) BurningSound is ME. AKA - chatroom operator on webchat. I'm also active on the correlating site,

2) I have a webcam which resides on the Newgrounds and Severedheads camportals.

3) I also hate the world and pretty much everything in it.
<@BurningSound> God Yoink's neck is fucking never-ending. It reminds me of this one lady I saw today whom I just wanted to lay on the table and remove her jugular vein and proceed to mop up all the blood she made with her fat body.
by versusraven December 21, 2003
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A sexy girl with big tits and great sense of humor. She is op of Newgrounds chat and blamclub chat. You can see her in Newgrounds webcam.
by XVII November 05, 2003
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