Using a dry, non-lubricated condom while fucking someone.
Lane was not happy while JB was burning rubber.
by Lasell 123 March 06, 2012
Top Definition
Having sex with a condom.
We're going to be burning rubber tonight.
by Mark Kuenzer September 08, 2006
The act of smelling a terrible odor after walking into a public restroom.
Oh man, someone was burning rubber in here!
by Eye1essJack June 22, 2014
A dildo/strapon with hotsauce/tobasco often used by mexicans
She used the burning rubber last night, now i shit fire
by kendallsa90 September 06, 2014
when a guy cums too quickly
"So how was Tom in bed?"
"The only thing Tom is good at is burning rubber."
by July 18, 2016
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