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end of the school year bonfire in which you throw all school related items i.e. papers, tests, notebooks, etc.
Lisa: This year is over. I never want to see any of these papers again.
Jack: Me neither. Burn party this weekend? We'll throw it all into the fire.
by beeslice May 30, 2008
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friends come over to watch you burn items from previous exes.
Are you going to her burn party tomorrow? She's burning all of his shirts!
by I'm pretty cool July 18, 2007
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When your friends come over with their CD collection and you burn them onto your itunes library. Guests can make their own mixed CDs with your music too.
Skye: Holy shit! I got the new Underoath CD yesterday! Its so fucking HxC!

Steph: I wish i had enough allowance money left to buy it!

Skye: How bout' I come over and burn it on your computer?
I can make a copy of your 30 Seconds to Mars CD too!

Steph: Sounds like a BURN PARTY!!!
by Skyeavalonnnnnnn June 18, 2007
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