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When you make plans to do something with someone, and then not go without notice.
"Doode, what happened to our plans for the movie on Friday? Burn Deal!"
by succcccka January 30, 2008

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vb.- the act of canceling an event that was supposed to happen. --burndealing, burndealed, burndeals

n.- burndealer: a person who burdeals
guy: hey! so are we still on for the movie tonight?

chick: umm... something came up so can we do it another time?

guy: oh... okay, but i already bought the tickets..

chick: i'm so sorry, i seriously can't go tonight.

...5 hours later (guy sitting on his couch watching tv)

brother: why are you here? aren't you supposed to be at the movies?

guy: dude she burndealed me.

brother: sucks for you~
by 671GRACY December 07, 2007